A Doer than Speaker: HNA Group Crowned Social Responsibility Laurels

HNA | 2017-12-29

Recently, HNA Group has won several awards for its active performance of social responsibilities.

On December 8, on the Forum of China Committee of Corporate Citizenship and Ceremony of 14th China’s Best Corporate Citizenship Award held by 21st Century Business Herald, HNA Group won “2017 Annual General Award of China’s Best Corporate Citizenship”. This is the second time for HNA Group to obtain the prize. And it is also the third prize of social responsibility that HNA Group has won since February.


HNA Group won “2017 Annual General Award of China’s Best Corporate Citizenship”

It is reported that the evaluation system adopted by the Organizing Committee is formulated by 21st Corporate Citizenship Research Center, Boston Consulting Group and Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business. The system sets 171 indexes covering 6 aspects including shareholders, clients, employees, supply chain, community and environment to carry out comprehensive, objective and fair evaluation of the corporate citizen practices of the companies. Over the years, its professional, authoritative, and the scientific evaluation has been recognized by many experts and scholars.


HNA Group won “2017 Excellent Corporate Awards of Social Responsibility”

On December 6, on the “10th China CSR Summit and the CSR Award Ceremony 2017” co-hosted by Xinhua Net and Corporate Social Responsibility Research Center of CASS, HNA Group was awarded the “2017 Excellent Corporate Awards of Social Responsibility” and listed in the 2017 China Corporate Social Responsibility Yearbook.


Earlier on December 1, on the International Symposium on China Corporate Social Responsibility, the sponsor released the “GoldenBee Excellent CSR Report 2017”. HNA Group 2016 Social Responsibility Report won the “Leading Enterprise”prize, which was the third time that HNA Group received it.


HNA Group was awarded “Leading Enterprise” in the GoldenBee Excellent CSR Report 2017

Since its founding in 1993, HNA Group rooted in real economy and has evolved from a regional airline into a conglomerate covering sectors ranging from airlines, hotels, tourism, real estate, commodity retailing, innovation finance, modern logistics, ship building and ecological technology. It has enlarged its business from Hainan Island in southern China to the whole world with more than 100 billion yuan of assets. On July 2017, HNA Group made it into the Fortune Global 500 for the third time with annual revenues of more than US $53 billion, and rose its place to 170.

Business assumes the mission of connecting the world and facilitating goods circulate around the world. HNA turns business into the largest charity, adheres to the common ideal of “bring peace and happiness to the world”, pursues “mutual recognition, mutual participation, mutual sharing, mutual achievement”, and aims to integrate its own interests with social interests and others’ interests and build a community of common destiny.

"For more than 20 years, we have been the creators and communicators of the commercial civilization of the new era, and have done a lot of philanthropy, social welfare programs and projects with practical actions. The idea of compassion, altruism and wisdom runs through the whole course of HNA .”Chen Feng, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of HNA Group, said earlier in the Third HNA Social Responsibility Forum.

As a large multinational corporate, HNA Group actively fulfills its social responsibility. It is recognized by all circles and has been awarded many social responsibility awards. It is reported that HNA has launched a series of public welfare projects in sectors including medical assistance, education assistance, poverty alleviation and culture conservation like “The Journey of Compassion”, “The Goodwill Wells”, “HNA Bring Love Home”,”Change for Good”, "Nutritious School Meal in Ghana", "Syrian Refugees Assistance Programme" and "Guard of New Life”. Up to now, it has carried out more than 100 public welfare programmes.

With becoming a green advocate, green service provider, green industry leader and green development pioneer as its strategic goal, HNA aims to promote a conservation culture and develop a low-carbon economy. In 2016, HNA launched the establishment of the Green Aviation Initiatives & Networks (GAIN) and released the first Green Aviation White Paper in China jointly with 12 other organizations. As of the end of October this year, Hainan Airlines has saved 356,000 tons of fuel and reduced its emissions of CO₂ by 1121,000 tons, the amount of CO₂ absorbed by 45,000 mu of forest in a year.

The heads of HNA Groups express that in the future, HNA will firmly keep the ambition of “create a world-class excellent corporate”in mind, work together with relevant stakeholders in the most effective action to promote the development of a harmonious society and make contributions to human happiness and peace.