HNA Group Chairman Chen Feng to speak at Harvard Business School

HNA Group | 2018-02-14

HNA Chairman to discuss company’s global growth and philanthropic mission

Global industrial and financial holding company HNA Group announced today that Chairman Chen Feng will speak about the company’s global development at Harvard Business School on February 12. The speech comes on the heels of a recently published Harvard Business Review case study update that outlines HNA’s Group’s growth and philanthropic mission.

The case study is titled HNA Group: Global Excellence with Chinese Characteristics (B) and was first published by Harvard Business School Professor William C. Kirby in January 2016. HNA Group has gone global. The refreshed publication describes HNA Group’s history as an aviation company and outlines its philanthropic philosophy, commitment to innovation, and strategic business model.

“I’m honored to have the opportunity to speak with future business leaders about HNA Group’s global presence and growth,” said Chen Feng, HNA Group Chairman. “HNA Group’s tremendous growth is due in large part to the company’s commitment to following a business model that emphasizes a philanthropic mission along with investing in innovative companies. I look forward to joining Professor Kirby to elaborate on his work.” 

In addition to outlining HNA Group’s recent acquisitions and major deals, the case study lists the company’s charitable projects, recent awards and recognition, investment criteria and financial performance. It also describes HNA’s business model, BIM, which stand for Building, Industry, Investment, Innovation and Management. Under this model, HNA uses a private equity style management to govern its industrial holdings and drive growth through investment and innovation. 

Chairman Chen Feng will discuss this case study and HNA’s global development in his speech at 10am on February 12, 2018 at the CGIS South Building, Harvard University. The forum will be open to Harvard Business School students and faculty. 

HNA Chairman Chen Feng met with Nitin Nohria, the current dean of Harvard Business School

HNA Chairman Chen Feng was invited to give a speech to MBA students at Harvard Business School