HNA Group Vice Chairman and CEO Tan Xiangdong Invited to Attend the 2017 Fortune Global Forum

HNA Group | 2017-12-06

On December 6, the 2017 Fortune Global Forum was officially opened in Guangzhou, attended by over a thousand domestic and foreign politicians, business leaders and representatives. Chinese President Xi Jinping sent his letter of congratulation and Vice Premier of the State Council Wang Yang attended the forum and made the keynote speech. Tan Xiangdong, HNA Group Vice Chairman and CEO, was invited to the forum. Tan Xiangdong said to reporters on the site that as a Chinese national enterprise, HNA Group developed from a local air transportation enterprise with single business type 24 years ago into now a large group engaged in multiple businesses holding various world-class brands. This invitation shows the wide recognition on us from the international business world. HNA hopes to work with global counterparts to actively respond to China’s “Belt and Road” initiative, stick to the consensus of mutual development and win-win cooperation, and take positive part in different talks to strengthen cooperation.

The Forum was themed on “Openness & Innovation: Shaping the Global Economy” and attended by 388 enterprises in total, including 152 Fortune Global 500 enterprises and 72 industry leaders. The Fortune Global 500 enterprises and CEOs present recorded the largest number of all the previous forums.

As a significant international conference held subsequent to the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, President Xi Jinping specially stressed in his letter that China would comprehensively deepen the reform, vigorously motivate the creativity of the whole society, keep generating the development vitality, develop higher-level open economy and further promote the construction of the Belt and Road to facilitate and form a new pattern of all-round opening.

Tan Xiangdong said that HNA Group was deeply inspired by the letter from President Xi, and as a large transnational group with rapid growth in the context of the reform and opening-up policy, HNA Group owed its success to the reform and always fully seized the national strategic opportunity.

For example, in terms of the Belt and Road initiative, HNA Group has been its decisive implementer. In recent years, HNA Group takes the industrial advantage to vigorously usher in international service and to build the air corridor and pivot for the Belt and Road initiative, and at the same time, deeply integrates into the Chinese local construction and implementation plans for the initiative and makes investment globally centered on the three major businesses of air travel, modern logistics and modern financial service.

By September 2017, HNA has opened up 70 plus airlines along the Belt and Road countries and regions to transport more than 2 million passengers for them. HNA also established regional airlines in the key passes and nodes, of which those have been arranged include French airline Aigle Azur, Ghana AWA Airlines, Urumqi Air, Fuzhou Airlines and GX Airlines. Meanwhile, HNA is also active in establishing a global industrial chain and introducing international quality air service through several acquisitions. It has acquired Swissport, the world largest ground handling and freight service operator, and Gategroup, the world leading in-flight catering provider, and has played their collaborative roles.

In terms of technical innovation and generating development vitality, HNA Group also achieves many highlights. In October 2017, Beijing, HNA Group announced to launch comprehensive strategic transformation and released a brand new mobile app called HiApp, with the purpose of improving experience and efficiency through online and offline integration and connection, which becomes a living example of deep integration of the real economy with big data and artificial intelligence.

In November, HNA Technology Group’s Tianhai Investment launched the HNA Cloud Marketplace, which provides service for corporate digital transformation through gathering cloud resources, combining cloud channels and creating added value of cloud service. HNA Group is seizing the opportunity of the digital technology times and the industrial boom to develop a plan of “Chinese Cloud” with HNA’s characteristics, fulfill the blank in China by virtue of “cloud” innovation, and to promote the development of the real economy.

On December 6, People's Daily published an article titled “Chinese Cloud” Rises from the Digital Silk Road to highly praise HNA Group’s initiatives in expanding the service for the Belt and Road construction to the field of digital technology.

In the future, HNA Group will keep strengthening its international strategic layout, enhancing the core competitiveness and playing a greater role in propelling Chinese economic development and meeting the people’s demand for a better life, guided by the spirits of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and following the national deployment about promoting industrial upgrade and actively developing the Belt and Road.

Fortune Global Forum was founded in 1995 and held by Fortune magazine. The forum aims to gather chairmen, presidents and CEOs from global companies, world famous politicians, government officials and economists to discuss the problems in global economy. Over 20 years’ development has made Fortune Global Forum the “clearest and most direct window for learning the world economic trends”.

HNA Group Vice Chairman and CEO Tan Xiangdong (the right 3rd on the 3rd row) attended the Fortune Global Forum.

HNA Group Vice Chairman and CEO Tan Xiangdong (left) and Fortune President Alan Murray