At the forefront of a new Chinese spirit of global entrepreneurialism: To inspire, lead and serve.

HNA Group’s mission is to forge connections around the world by building a global company focused on improving the movement of people, goods and capital. Through our global scale, large investment reserves and broad operating expertise, we are committed to being one of the world’s top companies that strengthen ties between the East and the West.

Our core pillars are designed to form a fully integrated ecosystem of global businesses to access advanced technology, and to build collaboration and knowledge sharing across industries. HNA Group’s vision is rooted in the core value of a common entrepreneurial spirit, which centers on the Chinese mantra: “Brave to explore, persist in change, continue to innovate, strive for excellence.”

At the heart of HNA Group’s vision lies the core values of the HNA spirit – a common bond of mutual respect and integrity that embraces corporate social responsibility and shares a philosophy and commitment to contribute towards the harmony, wellbeing and advancement of mankind in every way - economically, financially, socially and morally.

The common ideal of HNAers is

"to benefit human well-being and world peace."

To Benefit Human Well-being And World Peace

Being inclusive, HNA at its core hopes for all human civilizations to live harmoniously live and prosper in this art palace. HNAers stick to the standpoint of fostering a global perspective and word market so that all human can enjoy the fruits of globalization without any slight difference.

We are going to create an enterprise in a new form. HNA is not only a tangible enterprise but also an intangible symbol. It can not only inspire people to work hard but also inspire people to assume the responsibility for staff, for our society and for the world. It can not only make a better life by providing products and distributing wealth but also bear the mission of promoting the human development and social civilization. It can not only maintain the vitality because of competition but also make people keep their personality and not violate their beliefs in the competition.

HNAers devote themselves to the responsible enterprise behavior of complying with moral norms, being responsible and promoting efficient allocation and utilization of global resources. They have a common idea-"benefit human well-being and world peace", which is also the engine that inspires HNAers constantly to transcend themselves.

The common belief of HNAers is

God bless well-doers, master one's own life and make one's own decisions; the Truth,the Goodness and the Beauty and the Boundless Love.

God bless well-doers, master one's own life and make one's own decisions; the Truth,the Goodness and the Beauty and the Boundless Love.

The belief of HNAers is tolerance, transcending, and universal. HNAers respect different beliefs, lifestyles and rights. However, the one who is willing to join HNA has to agree with and be loyal to this common belief.

Every HNAer is free to believe in Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, other religions, or no religion at all. The belief of HNAers is far beyond religious and secular barriers. It is the common spiritual pursuit of HNAers, the universal value of making, is "truth, goodness, beauty" and "boundless love".

"Truth" is the soul of HNAer's personality and the nature of HNAers. Inheriting HNA's integrity culture is the basic requirement and supreme pursuit for every HNAer. Sincere people build sincere enterprise. And sincere enterprise enables its staff, customers and related people to harvest happiness.

"Goodness" is the source of HNA's love and the conscience of HNAers. The willingness to give could help us know others and make self-achievement. Bearing goodness in the heart and being willing to do good deeds are the prerequisite and basis of HNA's belief identity.

"Beauty" is the pursuit of artistic HNA. To build an artistic HNA is a state and an endless pursuit. The state of artistic HNA is neither a fixed parameter nor a certain industry of field, but the embodiment of the idea of "working with heart everywhere between heaven and earth" in the whole process of HNAer's dedication. Embodied in the spirit that every service and every product we provide should be an artwork, the process of art making is an art itself . When management becomes an art, the feeling of beauty will be reflected in the process of controlling and balancing. Embodied in the way of thinking-with the thought of "Cloud Theory", we combine every kind of resource, break boundaries and dare to innovate, in order to create maximum value for the society. As an enterprise, we are glad to make HNA viewed as the embodiment of beauty.

HNAers believe that there is selfless love. With this kind of love, people, society and nature could coexist in harmony and human could live a better life. HNAers pursue, seek and spread this kind of love.

The common pursuit of HNAers is

"recognized by the public, participated by the public, shared by the public, achieved by the public".

Recognized By The Public, Participated By The Public, Shared By The Public, Achieved By The Public.

HNA entrepreneurs pursue the spirit of "recognized by the public, participated by public, shared by the public, achieved by the public" and "do something for the society, do something for others", which will accompany HNA forever, urging every HNAer to change from "seeking a livelihood" to "seeking a career", from "the individual self" to the "greaterself".

HNAers understand that HNA is a cell of the society and society is the soil that HNA relies on for survival. From individual to community then to society, human beings are gradually adapting to the social contract that has been shaped in the process of coexisting with others, from the state of nature to the state of society, from the state of instinct to the state of social ethics and moral principles. In order to fully integrate to the society and become an integral part of it, HNA has to create more social benefits while sticking to realizing economic benefits.

The common philosophy of HNAers is

"integrity, performance and innovation".

Integrity, Performance And Innovation.

HNA treats people with integrity, evaluates people by their performance, and views innovation as its driving force.

Integrity is the prerequisite of maintaining high quality. The integrity-based quality is the commitment HNA makes to its staff, the society and the world. HNAers make their fortune through their own hard work, providing excellent products in the spirit of pursuing superb quality, allowing more people to share the fruits of human civilization and social progress and making them happier in the peaceful environment.

Performance is the dynamics of sustainable development. In the process of exploring the world, HNAers constantly gain knowledge, create value and pursue greater development. It is the driving force of the establishment, development and expansion of HNA. It is the passion to seek better life that flows in the blood of HNAers.

Innovation is the magic weapon to maintain vigor. Dynamic solving is the essence of HNA's innovation culture. Only continuous innovation can help HNAEers seek the opportunities hidden in changes and realize leap-forward development in the process of entering a strange environment from a familiar one and stepping into an unknown realm from the one it is familiar with. While adapting to the new environment, HNAers will gather strength by the "Cloud Theory" to reach a consensus, achieve mutual promotion, coexistence and co-prosperity between HNA and the society in dedication and acquirement.

The world belongs to all of us. HNAers are exploring an unprecedented path for enterprise development combining human civilization and art, on which HNAers are striving to build HNA into an artistic enterprise and construct a happy homeland for human civilization. This is a path to develop an artistic HNA as well as an eternal dream shared by all HNAers.