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HNA Tourism is a large air-travel industry holding group belongs to HNA Group, one of Fortune Global 500. Based on the huge scale of the Chinese tourism market and seeking to tap the high potential of the HNA Group's aviation and tourism businesses, HNA Tourism is building an air-travel platform that revolves around sharing, participation, inclusiveness and ecology.

HNA Tourism provides consumers with integrated services in transportation, hospitality, travel, catering, shopping and entertainment. Driven by financial investment and innovation, HNA Tourism is committed to becoming a leading provider in the tourism sector. As of the end of June 2016, HNA Tourism Group has asset value more than RMB 300 billion, providing more than 140,000 job opportunities for the society, participating or holding 18 airlines with over 700 aircrafts and serving 90 million annual passengers. It also operates and invests nearly 2000 domestic and overseas hotels with more than 30,000 rooms. HNA Tourism Group has over 240 travel agencies, over 410 currency exchange branches and over 1300 rental cars.


HNA Aviation Group is making a leading global modern aerial    transportation comprehensive operator in solving problems by focusing on air transport enterprise cluster and integrating all kinds of trip elements. Aerial industry chains enterprises that anticipates or holds including: Hainan Airlines, Tianjin Airlines, Capital Airlines, West Air, Luck Air, Ghana AWA Air, France's Aigle Azur, HNA Technic, HNA Cargo, HNA Sales, myCARGO, myTECHNIC, Hainan Aviation Academy, Swissport International etc.

Hainan Airlines, has been certified as a SKYTRAX Five-star Airlines for six consecutive years. According to the "World's Safest Airlines" released by Germany's Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre(JACDEC), Hainan Airlines ranks as the world's No.5 and mainland China's first airline on the list with its zero accident rates.

Swissport International, the biggest air-ground service and goods service provider in the world.  Its service covering 48 countries in the world, which the number of annual freights support capability is more than 3.9million, freight volume of cargos is more than 4.1million tons, giving powerful support for the aircrafts including HNA to build global net arrangements.

Deer Jet was founded in 1995, it is known as the founder and innovation leader of business aviation in China as well as the largest business aviation in the Asia, which operates and manages more than 90 corporate aircraft, and will trustee to operate the first Boeing Dream corporate aircraft in the world. It has flied to over 820 airports of 180 countries and regions in the world safely,Deer Jet has been named the World's Leading Private Jet Charter Company by the WTA and is also the first Chinese Private Charter operator to win the NBAA Corporate Business Flying Safety Award.


HNA Hospitality Group, established in 1997, strives to create a global hotel brand, to lead quality of lifestyle and to become the world's leading hotel operator investment group. It has formed high-end luxury hotels, business hotels, resorts, express Inn, property hotels and other diversified portfolio. The brand "Tangla" is inspired by eastern style, and with the mentality of facing to the whole world to build a world-class national brand of hotel.

HNA Hospitality Group actively respond to the going out strategy and accelerate the Internationalization and global distribution. It acquired Carlson Hotels, a large hotel group in the world;  became the largest shareholder of NH, Europe's third- largest hotel group;participated in the U.S. Red Lion Hotels, South Africa Tsogo Sun Hotels;acquired Tahiti Hilton Hotel and St Regis Hotel;In March 2016, "Tangla" opened in Brussels,which is China's first national self-constructed and self-managed hotel brand to go abroad. It has continuously received and completed security work for national high-visit missions for 5 times.


HNA travel Group, considering outbound tourism as the leading, focuses on finance and tourism electronic commerce development. We continuously integrate all kinds of resources within tourism industry chain and build a closed loop around the passenger consumption chain of tourism products. Caissa Touristic, China's Top outbound tour operator, and "E-life Finance", a financial subsidiary that has full license services in land, gradually becoming an innovation industry and building industry barriers. It has third-party payment full license permits, cross-border payments, all the individual local franchise exchange, a number of microfinance exit drawbacks such as business licenses and permits.

Its Caissa Touristic runs more than 240 travel agencies, providing more than 8000 categories of high-end travel products, covering more 100 countries and regions to serve different customers. In 2016, Caissa Touristic was chosen to be the Rio Olympics ticketing agent of the Chinese Olympic committee and the cooperative partner with the reception service provider to provide the service related to the Rio Olympics including tickets, visa, and hotels and so on.


HNA Aviation Food Group advocates “offer a new experience of healthy diet from the air to the earth”, tries hard to become the advocator and spreader of healthy cate and strives to make a “delicious, nutrient, safe” green food group. In July 2016,we have acquired the Gate group (a Swiss airline catering company),then our businesses have been spread to 126 countries and regions around the world, which led to our airline catering has occupied 27 percent of the whole world catering. Its E-food Group serves more than 50 airline domestic and overseas, guarantees airline catering more than 25 million annually; offers more than 60 high-speed trains with catering services domestic, which has guaranteed the mileage of the high-speed trains reached to 12000 kilometers.


HNA Duty-free Group provides duty-free goods for sell globally, special goods for sell and drawback and offers the best goods, the most comfortable shopping experience and the most convenient service by the Internet thoughts to the customers. Haikou Meilan Airport Duty Free Shop is the China's first airport duty-free shops in Islands, operating 38 kinds of duty-free commodities permitted by the country specially, covering over 300 international well-known brands. It rewarded “2015 Global Future Star Airport Duty Free Gold Award” and “2016 the World's Most Popular Airport Duty-free Shops”.


HNA Cultural Entertainment Group is on the basis of all media platforms. It has excellent IP content as the core, focusing on the content of product manufacturing and service operations. It is committed to becoming a “world cultural entertainment ecological enterprise” that covers media, film and television, sports, entertainment, network game industry. Its subsidiary “High Above” has numerous national quality airport advertising resources, covering nearly 60 million people. “China Yajee Arts”,which is an important arrangement by the HNA Group in the entertainment industry, performs art forms including Beijing Opera, drama, Kun Opera and Chinese zither,  dance, music, etc. It holds more than 260 performances each year and covers nearly 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions nationwide. Among which Beijing Opera “Mei Lanfang Classics” with ancient theatrical chamber style and Mei Lanfang’s arts expressions throughout his whole life, Mei Baojiu acted as art director, has been established as the key project that National Endowment for the Arts by the national ministry of culture in 2015. Their operating business-Temple Theatre is called a living fossil in the history of Chinese theatrical stage culture. It is also seen as the Beijing classical literary landmark theatre. In 2016, it won the first prize in plays and second in theatre in the competition about satisfactory by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture.

In addition, HNA Tourism strategy has invested Tuniu, WOHO, Virgin Australia, Azul Brazilian Airlines and the Red Lion Hotel. Through its comprehensive and accurate international investment portfolio, HNA Tourism continuously integrated the whole travel industry chain and the leading international development mode, which made HNA Tourism named the World's Leading Integrated Tourism Group by WTA in 2015 and the World's Best Tourism Investment Group at the 2016 World Tourism Award, which meant Chinese Tourism “going out” has been accepted by the world.

Obedience to the concept of corporate culture of "do something for the society, do something for others". In such way, HNA Tourism uplifts its social responsibility to the strategy height of enterprise development and promotes social harmony with their practical actions. HNA Tourism organized “Change For Good” fund-raising activities onboard with United Nations Children's Fund collectively; Organized and participated a series of public responsibility activities such as “Teenagers’ Walking” to help children go to school and HNA Send Love Home. Among these activities, we have won Community Times 2015 Impetus for China's Corporate Social Responsibility for holding Teenagers Walking Project six years in a row, and was certified China Corporate Commonweal Committee “China's public welfare undertakings in children and adolescents medal award”, which meant that we have won the general consent from the Public and media and experts. At the same time, HNA Tourism positively performs Industrial Responsibility, and has launched Green Aviation Network united to promote the sustainable development of the industry; we also signed “The global moral rules of world tourism organization” with UNWTO to promote civilized tourism and Industry progress.

HNA Tourism is dedicated to optimizing the travel and life mode of global consumers, and strives to perfectly merging Oriental traditional wisdom and good management idea in the Occident together, in order to build the world-class tourism brand of the Chinese nation. We will depend on our own ability in integrating resources, establish Industry Standard Servers, and lead the industry trend. We are going to open a perfect journey for our customers with far better high quality and all-around innovative products and services. We are looking forward to your participation to join our drawing tourism future.

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