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Hainan Aviation Academy Co.LTD (HNAA) is a professional flight school, jointly ventured by HNA Group, Beijing Dongyong Investment Co.LTD, Hongkong MASTER Maolong Internatinal Inc. and ESMA Aviation Academy in 2009 and is now fully operated by HNAGroup.HNAA strictly follows CCAR141 and practices pilot training as its main business. It provides comprehensive range of courses:Private Pilot License Course (fixed-wing aircraft), Commercial Pilot License Course (fixed-wing aircraft), Instrument Rating Course (fixed-wing aircraft), Flight Instructor License Course (fixed-wing aircraft),Private Pilot License Course (helicopter) and Commercial Pilot License Course (helicopter).It is headquartered in Yichang,Hubei and its network comprises around 4 training bases respectively in Yichang, Suizhou, Zhongwei and Qingyang.

HNAA adopted advanced Diamond family as its training fleet: single-engine DA40, twin-engine DA42, single-engine DA20-C1, Sikorsky 269C-1 helicopter and Hawker 800XP high performance aircraft. 38 aircrafts and 50-odd flight instructors in total. HNAA is now the most versatile flight training institute nationwide, having both fixed-wing and helicopter training qualifications, second only to CAFUC on scale.

Yichang Base is located at Yichang Sanxia Airport.It provides the pilot students distinguished training, teaching conditions and study environment with adequate facilities: multifunctional building, flight briefing room, CBT room, flight support center, airport briefing room, the pilot lounge, maintenance support center, simulator training center etc. The fleet of Yichang Base is of 15 aircrafts, one DA40 and one DA42 training device.

Zhongwei Base, which is officially put into use on Mar.1st 2011, is taken as 2011 key investment project of Zhongwei municipal government.It runs 7 training airspaces and 6 cross-country routes and now is equipped with 16 aircrafts and one DA40 training device.

Suizhou Base, officially put into use on Sept.15th 2012, is placed at Suizhou Lishan Airport with 2 Sikorsky 269C-1 helicopters. It is the helicopter training center and will shoulder the task of helicopter pilot training.

Qingyang Base, founded in Feb.2013, is located at Qingyang Xifeng Airport. It is the key investment project of Qingyang municipal government and is equipped with 2 simulators, 4 DA40 aircrafts, and 12 more this year.At that time, fleet of aircraft will be 16.

Hainan Aviation Academy Co., Ltd.

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