Hainan Airlines Company Limited

(i) Overview of Hainan Airlines

Hainan Airlines Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as "Hainan Airlines") was founded in January, 1993 in Hainan Province, the largest special economy zone in China. As one of the fastest developing airlines in China, Hainan Airlines is committed to providing passengers with holistic, seamless and high-quality service. With their “eastern hospitality”, Hainan Airlines emphasize “customer orientated” services. By catering to all our customers’ needs, we aim to create a new flying experience by paying attention to even the smallest details, ensuring constant diligence, and exceeding your every expectation. This way we can achieve our goal of becoming a world-class Chinese airline and brand.

(ii) History of Hainan Airlines

1993 Hainan Airlines’ first flight. The first official flight from Haikou to Beijing
1994 Trained their first captain, Su Jilong
1997 Name changed from Hainan Provincial Airlines Co., Ltd. to Hainan Airlines Co., Ltd.
1998 Imported and put to use China and the Asia Pacific region’s first Boeing 737-800
1999 Hainan Airlines officially began trading A shares on the Shanghai Stock Exchange
2002 Imported their first twin-aisled wide-bodied B767 luxury airliner
2004 Opened their first intercontinental route from Beijing to Budapest
2007 Imported their first A330-200
2009 Rated by Skytrax as the first 4-Star airline in China
2011 Rated by Skytrax as a 5-Star airline
2012 Rated by Skytrax for a second time as a 5-Star airline
2013 Rated by Skytrax for a third time as a 5-Star airline

(iii) Current Status of Hainan Airlines

Since 1993, in addition to its main hub Haikou, Hainan Airlines has established 7 bases located in Beijing, Xi'an, Taiyuan, Urumqi, Guangzhou, Dalian and Shenzhen.

Their extensive network routes cover China, Asia, and extend to Europe, America, Oceania and Africa, with nearly 500 domestic and international routes flying to almost 90 cities worldwide. Since its beginning, Hainan Airlines has seen 20 years of safe operations and has accumulated 3.549 million hours of safe flights maintaining an outstanding safety record.

In 2012, actual profits for the year reached RMB 27.694 billion. Actual transport revenue reached RMB 25.084 billion. The number of passengers for the year was 23.27 million. As of present, the company’s total assets exceed RMB 90 billion and staff numbers exceed 10,000.

(iv) Hainan Airlines’ Fleet

Hainan Airlines’ fleet is mainly comprised of Boeing 737s and 767s, and Airbus 330s and 340s which are used for both passenger and cargo transportation, and provide passengers with individual space in first class, and a spacious new business class. As of 2013, Hainan Airlines has 117 aircrafts in operation, of which, 97 are B737s.

(v) Hainan Airlines’ International/Domestic Routes

Covering 90 cities, over 500 domestic and international routes, 7 bases.

Hainan Airlines Co., Ltd.

Official Website:www.hnair.com/
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Address: HNA Development Building, No. 7 Guoxing Road, Meilan District, Haikou, Hainan Province
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