HNA Technik Co., Ltd.

HNA Technik Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as. " HNA Technik ") was established on March 25th , 2010.

The maintenance personnel of HNA have made their dream come true by founding HNA Technik, independent from Maintenance & Engineering Business Unit of HNA. HNA Technik adheres to the corporate culture of “Honesty, Kindness, Delicateness, Purity” and the brand essence of “Safety, Efficiency, Convenience, Comprehensiveness”, offers an integrated service, including modern aviation maintenance, engineering technology management and technical training.

The maintenance personnel of HNA firmly grasp every opportunity of reform in civil aviation during the 10 years’ start-up. As a pioneer in vision and practitioner in attitude, HNA Technik has achieved safety of business operation continually, made a better quality for service and expanded the scale of operation continually. HNA Technik is now focusing on innovation and reform. Advancing with the time, HNA Technik fully refers experience to the advanced technical service industry home and abroad, absorbs the advanced management concept of lean manufacturing, and creates a much more wonderful world of technical service for maintenance.

During the first few years of the company, we started with only 30 maintenance personnel maintaining 3 aircraft, but now we have 100 times more staffs providing service for three hundred aircraft. Our company has established HAK, PEK, XIY, KMG,CKG as the main maintenance regional centers while having TYN, URC, CAN, SZX, CKG, TSN as maintenance bases. We also have maintenance service net spreading all around the world with more than 100 outstations.

HNA Technik will persist in the principle of safety and provide the superior service in the future. As one of the aviation maintenance enterprises, HNA Technik strives to a world-class and modern maintenance company with high sense of responsibility and is dedicated to serving clients with delicate service.

Hainan Technik Co., Ltd.

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Address: Meilan Base of HNA, Haikou City, Hainan Province
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