Seaco is one of the world's largest container leasing company owning millions of standard containers and provides a full range of leasing services in more than 80 countries and regions in the world including standard dry containers, refrigerated containers, tank containers, removable container, flat rack, open top containers and wide-body box. By working closely with container manufacturers and provide quality container leasing services, the Seaco has become one of the recognized global leader in container leasing companies.

After successfully acquisitioned by HNA Group, GE SeaCo officially changed its name as Seaco in December 2011. Headquarters of Seaco SRL is located in Barbados, but it implements the global institutional settings. The main decision-making organization is located in Singapore, other major institutions distribute in London, Hamburg and Miami. The sales departments are located in Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro, Seoul, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Moscow, Hainan, San Francisco, in Livorno and Paris. The company is truly global culture and global operating.

Tel: 0065-65951900
Fax: 6005-65951968
Address: Fuji Xerox Towers,#29-01 80 Anson Road, Singapore