Tianjin Bohai Financing Guarantee Co.,Ltd.

Tianjin Bohai Financing Guarantee Co. ,Ltd. in which composed of a central fund management guarantee finance of small and medium-sized enterprises and the capital city of Tianjin sea Holdings Limited joint venture. The company was established and registered in February 10, 2010, registration at Tianjin city, with the registration capital of 500,000,000 yuan, in which is one of the biggest registered Guarantee Corporation in the capital of Tianjin city, and also is the first corporation to have to guarantee qualification of the Guarantee corporation.

The company's business received the Tianjin City Finance Office approval, where it allows all the financing guarantee business, business includes guarantee, including: loan guarantee, credit guarantee, guarantee of acceptance of bills, trade financing, project financing, guarantee bonds, and guarantee the financing consulting, financial advisory and other intermediary service, guarantee business at the same time; can operate without financing guarantee business, such as: security guarantee, litigation bid guarantee, advance payment guarantee, project performance guarantee; and can invest its own funds.

The company will use the Tianjin Binhai New Area financial innovation pilot policy environment, relying on the Tianjin city hall and Financial Guarantee Center credit and resources advantages, in which it gives full support to HNA's management and industrial advantages, adhering to the management of market operation, the company’s principle, effective control of risks in the premise, a positive innovation guarantee business model, guarantee business and investment business vigorously carried out, serving the local economy, continuing effort to improve profitability through acquisitions and mergers and acquisitions investment by build the security industry's flagship enterprise and creating national brand China in the Guarantee Corporation.

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