Tianjin Bohai Leasing Co.,Ltd

Tianjin Bohai Leasing Co., Ltd. is one of the fifth batch of domestic pilot finance leasing enterprises that was jointly approved by the MOFCOM and the SAT of China. The company was established in Tianjin in December 2007, the registered capital is 6260.85 million RMB.

As a professional finance leasing company, Tianjin Bohai Leasing Co., Ltd. is jointly established by HNA Group and the Tianjin Municipal Government. Relying on the favorable financial innovation environment in Tianjin and the strong support of the government and HNA Group shareholders, Tianjin Bohai Leasing Co., Ltd. actively explores the innovation and development model of China's national leasing industry and provides a full range of leasing solutions for domestic and international customers.

Tianjin Bohai Leasing Co., Ltd.
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