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As the affiliated business of HNA Group and with the powerful strategic support from HNA Group, HNA Logistics Group Co., Ltd adheres to the development mode of integrating physical logistics and virtual logistics and covers the businesses like shipping and marine engineering construction, comprehensive marine transportation, bulk commodity trading, third-party payment, logistics finance and special logistics service. It has committed itself to become the logistics solution provider and logistics financial service provider.

Shipping and marine engineering construction. Jinhai Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., an affiliated enterprise of HNA Logistics Group Co., Ltd and among the top ten shipbuilding enterprises in China, has covered the businesses of four industrial systems including shipbuilding, marine shipping equipment, marine engineering equipment and non-shipbuilding equipment manufacturing, and is ambitious to become a world-class equipment manufacturing enterprise. It has equipped itself the capacity and conditions to build various types of vessels for the domestic and international customers, including large and medium container vessels, LNG carriers, LPG carriers, ro-ro vessels, floating storage tankers, refined oil tankers, crude oil tankers, bulk carriers, passenger ships and special working vessels.

Marine transportation operation. The maritime operations under HNA Logistics Group Co., Ltd cover container transport, bulk cargo transport, tanker transport, ship and crew management and many other businesses. It has operated almost 40 vessels. Also it has signed many long and mid-term cargo transport contracts with regular customers and operates the foreign trade routes including the Oceania route, America route, Japan route, Korea route and Southeast Asia routes and a number of domestic routes.

Bulk commodity trading. Gopay Information Technology Co., Ltd. under HNA Logistics Group Co., Ltd is a third-party payment company with the full licenses including license for Internet payment, mobile phone payment, prepaid card and acquiring service. It operates in the market fields like bulk commodity trading, B2C business, prepaid card, acquiring service and financial service. Relaying on its payment business, data processing technology and trade settlement platform, Gopay has well integrated HNA's industrial resources and by virtue of three major tools including Internet of things, big data and cloud computing, has created a new Internet based financial mode and is striving to develop to a leading comprehensive third-party payment platform.

Cold chain system logistics. HNA Sinosun Logistics Co., Ltd. under HNA Logistics Group Co., Ltd specializes in cold chain transport operations, and is among the top 50 enterprise in China’ food cold chain logistics. Presently, it has established good business relationship with Nestle, Starbucks, KFC, IKEA, DHL and other brands, and is devoted to become the first integrated air and sea intermodal service provider throughout the cold chain.

HNA Logistics Group Co., Ltd holds that the development of future logistics will be facilitated by the systematic logistics. The Company, while specializing in its main business, also works to expand the segmental logistics fields such as warehousing logistics, engineering logistics and supply chain finance, so as to improve the logistics industry layout. Further, with the application of third-party payment and bulk commodity trading-based products to realize fund concentration, it causes the whole logistics industrial chain well linked and gains the control of the core resources, thereby providing logistics financial integrated service in different links from production materials to living materials to the users.

It has always committed itself to create a logistics enterprise of next generation with the systematic philosophies and the full dimensional perspective. The world makes its progress by virtue of communication, so HNA Logistics Group Co., Ltd is striving to overcome the time and space hurdle for the supply and demand and to share every its splendid result with its customers.

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