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Gopay Information Technology Co., Ltd, founded in Beijing in January 25th , 2011, whose registered capital is 142,857,200 Yuan.In December 31, 2011, Gopay obtained payment licenceissued by the central bank for internet payment and mobilepayment.

Withits hi-techand great scientific research ability system development team, national grade cooperation background and outstanding marketing team, Gopay actively developsthe third party paymentbusinessof domestic commodities trading, and exploresinternational trade payment, settlement and overseas payment business. Committed itself to provide a safe, convenient third-party payment platform forChineseinternational trade, domestic and foreign firms andresidents,Gopaytriesto bethe nation's largest paymentservice providerof government projectsand one-stop financial service operatorfor enterprises.

Internet payment business: To B2B, the company focuses on internal and external trade settlement business, including commodity trading, cross-border trade and other fields, and provide financing service, payment service, clearing service and so on. To B2C, the companyprovides safe and convenient payment services for users, including the network shopping, insurance, digital entertainment, ticketing, wholesale and retail, education and other industries.

Mobile payment business:The companyFocus on the development of mobile payment platform to seize the chance of the future market. According to B2C, C2C and other fields, the company provides professional, safe, convenient payment clearing and settlement channel for all types of mobile terminal application, provides the "diet, living, transportation, tourism, shopping, entertainment" integrated service for users.

Prepaid card for single purpose:The core product system bases on the international consumer stored value cards and financing equity card. The company provides a variety of security payment and financial investment services for users, relying on the company's resources and external large enterprises, providing.

Financial service business:According to the platform resources,the company builds the financial payment platform, supplying chain financing, funds, insurance, trust business and other financial services.

The company’s system gains three authority authentications home and abroad: the Guofuan CA certification, the United States VISA cardholder information security certification and the American express DSS certification. Application server and database system of our payment platform has achieved the international similar product leading level.Gopayis the only one who owns four disaster tolerance systems which are located in Yizhuang, Tongzhou, Dongdan of Beijing, and Guangzhou.

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