Beijing Capital Airlines Co., Ltd

Capital Airlines is mainly engaged in charter flights for international and domestic business travels and the freight service. It is the largest travel charter flight service provider in China. Capital Airlines has 28 A319 airbus planes and 10 A320 airbus planes. Since its establishment, Capital Airlines has opened more than 120 business travel routes with an annual throughput of more than 3.6 million passengers. Capital Airlines has set up the Sanya branch and overnight bases in Beijing, Guangzhou, Xi'an, and Haikou and has preliminarily built a regional airline network with Beijing, Guangzhou, Sanya and Xi'an as the center radiating surrounding areas. Capital Airlines will unswervingly promote the combination of aviation and tourism, develop characteristics of tourism and rely on Beijing's unique location advantage to build a modern air transport enterprise with unique cultural connotation, enabling Capital Airlines to become a beautiful card for improving the cultural tastes of Beijing and showing the new image of Beijing.

Beijing Capital Airlines Co., Ltd
Tel: 010-69615555
Address: Capital Airlines Building, No 3, North Cargo Road, Beijing Capital International Airport
Post code: 100621