HNA Brightness Action

bright action

In 2003, National Blindness Prevention Guidance Group initialized a Brightness Action to promote blindness prevention and treatment. HNA Group also helped cataract patients in remote areas and minority areas in China with their own practical actions to receive eyesight recovering treatment, thereby helping the blind people see again.

Since the start of HNA-QingHai-Tibet Plateau 10-Year Brightness Action in Qinghai Province in July 2004, HNA Group has worked with National Blindness Prevention Guidance Group and Beijing Tongren Hospital to successively carry out eyesight recovering treatment for approximate 4,500 cataract patients in Banma and Nangqian in Qianhai Province, Lhasa, Shigatse and Linzhi in Tibet, Litang in Sichuan Province, Xingan League, Bayannaoer League and Alashan Left League in Inner Mongolia, Korla in Xinjiang, Hainan, Linzhao and Xiahe in Gansu Province, Yichang in Hubei Province, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Mozambique in Africa and so on. The Program of HNA Group is highly praised by local governments and people.

In November 2010, HNA Brightness Action went from China to the world. Free eyesight recovering operations were carried out for 612 local patients of cataract in Zimbabwe and Malawi of Africa. In March and September 2011, China-Africa Brightness Action went further to Zimbabwe and Mozambique. More than 800 local patients of cataract obtained eyesight again. Strong social responses were aroused in Africa.

"We just borrow the light of God to help more and more people see the world again." However, such good works should not depend on and end with one or more commonweal brands. More social force are needed if we want to help more people to feel good for life with brightness.

Events to mark the 10th Anniversary of the HNA Brightness Action Programme were held from 23 August to 3 September 2014. A Brightness Action team formed by 24 medical professionals, 15 volunteers and HNA workers, as well as National Blindness Prevention Guidance Group and Beijing Tongren Hospital traveled to Nangqian and Banma in Qinghai and Ganzi in Sichuan to conduct free vision restoration surgery on 538 cataract patients, making the total beneficiaries in these 10 years reaching approximate 5,300 persons.

Schedule of HNA Brightness Action