Wenchuan Earthquake Relief

In 2008 Wenchuan earthquake relief work, HNA Group regarded the earthquake relief work as one of the most important work. In terms of guarantee tasks such as earthquake relief material and personnel transportation, HNA Group made every effort to unconditionally implement them rapidly regardless of cost, made all efforts to give priority to guarantee the implementation, executed 254 earthquake relief flights in total and flied for about 655 hours, transported more than 1,100 tons of earthquake relief materials and nearly 4,200 relief personnel. HNA Group accumulatively invested RMB 183.76 million as relief capability cost. In addition, HNA Group further donated RMB 1 million in the name of the Group and encouraged its staff who donated RMB 4.39 million, wherein the party members donated more than RMB 1.34 million as special relief membership fee. Moreover, joined by Taiwan Shin Kong Life Insurance, HNA Group made RMB 15 million donations in total to Sichuan, Gansu and Shannxi Province and Guanghan Flight College of CAAC for constructing school buildings.