HNA Benevolence Wells

Although Hainan Province is surrounded by the sea, the terrain is higher in the middle than surroundings, the storage of precipitation is unfavored and rivers directly flows into the sea; the west has many basalt areas, water cannot be retained by stones and most people stored water with water cylinders which is bad for health and the agricultural industry depended on the weather.

In 2003, in the 10th anniversary of HNA, in order to return people of Hainan, HNA made the plan of Benevolence Wells to invest RMB 20 million to drill 100 wells for the water-deficient areas in Hainan within a period of ten years, so as to help local people to strive for a relatively comfortable life as fast as possible in cooperation with local governments to solve the difficulties of drinking water.

Up to the end of 2011, HNA had finished 71 Benevolence Wells in Haikou, Wenchang, Chengmai and other cities, solving drinking water difficulties of about 150,000 people and enabling irrigation on farmland in some regions at the same time.