Public Welfare Activity of HNA Send Love Home

From January 25, 2013 to March 1, 2013, HNA Group initiated a public welfare activity of HNA Send Love Home. In such an activity, HNA Group provided free round-trip tickets and vehicles to help poor college students in Beijing, Hainan Province and other places, western plan volunteers supporting national west construction and oversea Chinese students studying in Russia and German to go back home for Spring Festival. In such public welfare activity of HNA Send Love Home, through cooperating with Central Communist Youth League, Hainan Youth League Committee, overseas embassies and four Beijing colleges, HNA Group provided 89 free round-trip tickets, including 31 poor college students recommended by Hainan Youth League Committee and Beijing colleges, 48 western plan volunteers recommended by Central Communist Youth League, 7 overseas Chinese students recommended by embassies overseas and 3 poor college students enrolled through microblogs; various stations of HNA were mobilized to provide guarantee work for the activity, and gifts such as gift bag of special purchases for Spring Festival and airplane models were given to the helped poor college students and western plan volunteers, so that the they could go back home to celebrate the Spring Festival. Public Welfare Activity of HNA Send Love Home