Our Dedication

Our Dedication

HNA considers everything attentively. HNA makes efforts to enable more and more people to feel the goodness of life, which is reflected on not only the brand and service of HNA, but also the social responsibility borne by HNA, an enterprise with high sense of social responsibility. While achieving rapid development, HNA vigorously promotes the principle of "do something for the society, do something for others". In such way, HNA uplifts its social responsibility to the strategy height of enterprise development, actively bears the social responsibility which should be borne by enterprises and strongly supports social welfare undertakings.

Up to December 31, 2012, HNA had made RMB 800 million worth charity donations to regions, units or individuals such as natural disaster areas, poverty-stricken areas, China Disabled Persons' Federation, China Charity Federation, Red Cross Society, China Youth Development Foundation, China Women's Development Foundation, China Foundation for Justice and Courage and China Association of Environmental Protection Industry. The company has made outstanding contributions to social welfare undertakings and is roundly praised by the society.

In 2011, Hainan Liberation Commonweal Foundation was officially established, which effectively integrated more social public welfare resources so that the activities of HNA in helping the poor, solving crisis and making donations to help students have more solid material foundation and institutional guarantee. From now on, HNA Group will be devoted to public welfare activities under the platform of the Hainan Province Cihang Charity Foundation, so as to actively contribute to push the development of the public welfare activities.

Major honors in recent years:

In 2006: China Top 20 Most Socially Responsible Enterprises, China Charity Award for Outstanding Contribution, China Top 10 Pioneers in Public Welfare

In 2007: China Charity Award Nomination

In 2008: Best Domestic-Funded Enterprises of China Charity Award, Advanced Group for Earthquake Relief in China Federation System of Industry and Commerce, China Top Ten Pioneer Enterprises for Public Welfare

In 2009: China Advanced Unit of Spiritual Civilization Construction Work, China Charity Outstanding Contribution Unit (Enterprise) Award, China Good Corporation Citizen, Sixth China Best Corporation Citizen in 2009, 3rd National Employment and Social Security Advanced Private Enterprise

In 2010: National Western Region Development Outstanding Contribution Group, 2010 Best Socially Responsible Enterprise of Hainan Province, Hainan Province Excellent Enterprise in 60th Anniversary of Hainan Liberation, 2010 Outstanding Enterprise Award in China Corporate Social Responsibility Ranking, Advanced Unit for Flood Rescue and Relief in Hainan Province

In 2011: 2011 Social Responsibility Excellent Enterprise Award, 2011 China Top Ten Best Employers, Most Caring Donation Enterprise Award in Sixth China Charity Award, 2009-2010 National Quality Work Advanced Unit

In 2012: Most Caring Donation Enterprise Award in Seventh China Charity Award, 2012 Corporate Social Responsibility South-South Awards, 2012 Outstanding Enterprise Award in China Corporate Social Responsibility Ranking