Guoxing Town

Broad Sky•Guoxing Town is located at the north side of Guoxing Avenue, New Core Area, Daying Moutain, Haikou, and it is adjacent to the provincial Administrative Center. With a superior geographical position, Guoxing Garden is at the planned CBD in Haikou where there are perfect municipal roads, public squares, commercial facilities, squares, cultural facilities, medical facilities and life infrastructures. The business circles of Haixiu Road and Guomao can be reached in 10 minutes, Meilan Airport in 15 minutes. What a smooth and convenient transportation! By taking the advantages of the overall plan of new urban area in Daying Moutain, the Town can serve both residential and commercial use. The Sun and Moon Square of 500,000 square meters will be just around the corner, and the Red City Lake is just several miles away. The Town is situated in the new political and cultural center surrounded by provincial government, provincial library, provincial gymnasium, hospital, university and other infrastructures. It is an area capable of the most robust economic growth in the future. The Phase I Guoxing Town is a building complex of the predominant modern minimalism style. The graceful line and noble elegance help it win a reputation of new visual landmark of Haikou. The planning of the garden is rational. Featured by the distinctive garden theme style it has a large green area, low construction density and large landscape space.