Haikou Tower

Haikou Tower is located at D15 parcel of Dayingshan urban center, with Guoxing Avenue to the north and Guihua Road in the other directions. It is planned to be built as Hainan’s tallest building with 94 floors and of 428 meters in height; the complexity of tower structure is the top in China and ranks the third position in the world; it is the first skyscraper by applying vertical wind tunnel technology and it allows people to become real “flying trapeze” without taking an plane. Sliding glass balcony is set up on the sightseeing layer-93 layer, and the laid mechanical track is used for horizontal movement of the balcony. The first annular air corridor of skyscraper throughout the world extends outward around the skyscraper to form a circular transparent air corridor enabling 360 degree urban landscape viewing.

With the most innovative structure design, the most elegant façade texture, the top interior space design as an artwork and innovative ecological design, Haikou tower will not only be a building but also a luxurious artwork. Upon completion, Haikou Tower will become the top platform for business communication in Haikou and the best choice of corporate headquarters offices. And the only top St.Regis brand commercial apartment built jointly with St.Regis Hotel to operate the largest multifunctional conference center with the most complete equipment in Haikou will provide customers with the most comfortable services.

The experiential design concept has been widely used in Haikou Tower. The LED wall elevator of the hotel with the most cutting-edge vision correspondingly changes into the architectural landscape at different heights in the world when rising, and visitors seem to be confronted with real landscape. The exterior sightseeing elevator with high speed is 428 meters tall. The elevator floor is completely transparent glass floor which can bring people the sense of hanging in the air and high-speed experience of 8m/s.he new city card of Hainan-the heart of HNA is located at the tower top with diamond glass shell and huge glass sky lantern and LED sphere in the middle. Characteristic items: exhibition gallery of Hainan city image, 4D circular cinema and Hainan city art gallery inside the sphere.

The implication of Haikou Tower: Haikou Tower and another ten buildings surrounding together make up the image of Buddha's hand in blessing in the south to pray for Hainan people with Avalokitesvara in the north site. The shape of Haikou tower is just like a locus which signifies a moral of harmony, safety and development and embodies the great love spirit of HNA. Haikou Tower is the tower of Hainan people and a beautiful card of Haikou city, whose rise is the epitome of economic take-off in Hainan.

Lotus: Haikou Tower, as the tallest building among the 10 individual buildings implies the posture of lotus in full bloom and it is a lotus in full bloom; Lotus simplifies nobleness, so lotus in full bloom will certainly show its entire connotation with its core exposed to the people in front of it. The project is under preliminary design at present, and the design scheme will become mature after a formal agreement is signed with St Regis Hotel. Haikou Tower is to be completed by June 2017.