Baron Mansion

Baron Mansion, situated on the northern coastal area in Bo’ao Hainan Province, is a coastal and vocational apartment of pure Spanish architectural style. Assembling some natural landscapes such as the site of Bo’ao Forum, Wanquan River, Guantang Hot Spring, and Jade-belt Beach and presenting the view of a town in heaven, the mansion is a rare architectural complex near the sea in Bo’ao, with its high quality and the theme of baron life. Apartment area is, mainly, small and medium, but the decoration is fine and exquisite, which can be seen as preferred choice for investment and vacation.

Baron Mansion creates the resort concept of “double 70” on the Hainan International Tourism Island: 70 years’ residential land use right as well as 70 meters distance to the sea. On the one hand, 70 years’ residential land use right grants you the new identity of the owner of the Hainan International Tourism Island. Provided with 70 years' development opportunity in Hainan, you can lead a romantic life in Hainan, the one and only international tourism island in China. On the other hand, distance makes the heart grow fonder. 70 meters to the sea not only offers you the perfect perspective to enjoy the landscape, but also reduces the impact of moisture on your life. What a perfect distance! Every detail of Baron Mansion is designed for the sake of your vacation. The 70 meters enable you to draw closer to the sea. Meanwhile, against the background of the sea, the mansion sets the mood for vacation. With a coat of gold cast by the sun, the building’s light yellow exterior façade blends into the azure sky, adding natural colors to your life. By absorbing the essence of the Spanish architecture and incorporating the feature of “living with the sea”, Baron Mansion employs 8-meter-high hotel-type design with southern orientation and good exposure. Strolling in the mansion, you can enjoy the enshrouding cascade garden and the grandness of the waves beating the shore. The Baron Mansion adopts broad span of one hundred meter between two buildings so as to offer the best view and private life, as well as the honorable experience of sea viewing for you. The Baron Mansion employs star-graded fine decoration standard completely in order to make you feast on the holiday near the sea leisurely and save you from the headache of decoration to enjoy living experience directly. The Baron Mansion offers better cost performance’s house area between 62m2 and 180m2 in terms of production’s price, giving you the feeling of leisure and romance of the view near the sea without paying extravagant apartment price. Thus, the appreciation space is more flexible. Baron Mansion also constructs the high-end vacation supporting facilities such as theme park, leisure park, swimming pool, tennis court and coastal plank road. Meanwhile, it introduces the idea of SPA care and designs hot spring SPA care area. All this enables you one-stop coastal vacation life.