South Sea Pearl

South Sea Pearl Artificial Island lies in the sea area about two kilometers northwest of HNA Beach and SPA Resort in the west coast of Haikou. The planned investment is around RMB 8.4 billion, and 260 hectare marine reclamation lands are to be build (including 250,000-tonner cruise home port). The project is divided into two construction stages, with the first-stage of 49.3 hectare and the second of about 210 hectare, which is linked with Binhai Avenue behind it through island-connected bridge. Two ports and nine districts are planned to construct in the project. With the 250,000-tonner cruise home port and yacht harbor as its primary support, the project also provides corresponding harbor supporting facilities and high-end industries such as international yacht club, water sport base, leisure and healthy resort, sports theme park, foreign entertainment service, commercial district, water airport dock, international entertainment center, ocean park, etc.