HNA Resort West Lake Hangzhou

HNA Resort West Lake Hangzhou is a modern and quality conference and resort hotel subordinate to HNA Hospitality Group. Located in Xihu's beautiful and quiet Yanggong dyke scenic spot, the hotel has Xihu's Yuhu Bay nearby, faces the Leifeng Pagoda, and is just a hundred meters away from the Huagang Fish Pool.

The hotel has 226 guest rooms and suites, including superior scenery rooms, superior salon rooms, Huagang scenery rooms, superior garden view suites, luxury scenery suites and luxury administrative suites. The rooms are spacious and comfortable and are fully equipped. Guests can overlook the natural beauty of lakes and mountains and the beautiful scenery of West Lake, fully enjoying leisure.

Address: 1 Yanggong Dyke, Xihu District, Hangzhou City
Tel: 0571-87998899