HNA Grand Hotel West Beijing


Hope Hercynina Restaurant

Hope Hercynian restaurant offering international cuisine to suit different tastes, extremely casual impressionistic, can listen to the graceful music, feel the exotic atmosphere, sip a Western-style cakes, overlooking the unique thalassotherapy. Elegant buffet restaurant has a magnificent layout environment, authentic food and drinks.


Hai Yue Xuan Chinese Restaurant

Hai Yue Xuan Chinese Restaurant in Sichuan, Hunan, Cantonese cuisine. Offers multiple separate private room. Seasoning varied Sichuan, known to take advantage of spicy, with a strong local flavor. Hunan focus on the unique taste of fresh incense, sour spicy, soft and tender, with rich flavor Township. Cantonese take hundreds of long, exotic choice of materials, ingredients compact, affordable home and abroad by guests of all ages.