Jiangsu Chaoyue Supermarket

Jiangsu Chaoyue Supermarket was established in 1994, always adheres to the chain development path which is unique, suitable to the local practice and close to people’s life. It has developed into a large chain enterprise that integrates retail, wholesale, distribution, logistics, and management output as a whole. With its over 50 thousand square meter business areas in total and 800 employees, the 40 direct-sale store allow its retail outlets to cover the entire Nantong region. In 2008, the company ranked 65 among top one hundred chain retail enterprises in fast-moving consumer goods industry in China. In 2009, it won the title of top 500 private enterprises in Nantong and the national advanced high efficient and quality commercial enterprise. In 2010, the company was awarded with the title of a trustworthy enterprise in Nantong.

The core of Chaoyue Supermarket is diverse operation, the rural and urban coverage chain network, modern logistic distribution, scientific enterprise management and series of satisfactory services. With its persistence in optimization and innovation, the supermarket has opened successfully unique shopping centers, standard supermarkets, convenience stores and franchised outlets and the four business forms share resources to complement each other's advantages.

Chaoyue Supermarket adheres to the open, just and fair competition principle and the employment idea that right person is arranged for right job to make their best use. The company currently has several business forms including shopping center, standard supermarket, department store and campus stores, and its annual sales can reach RMB 1. 2 billion. With the business tenet of “for the people, for people’s convenience, for people’s benefits”, the business commitment of “genuine price, service and quality”, the price policy of “everyday low price” and the corporate vision of “self-transcendence and industry leader”, the company always regards consumer’s satisfaction, public recognition and performance of social responsibilities as its unremitting pursuit and has been well received by consumers and the society.

In 2011, Chaoyue Supermarket realized a great-leap-forward development again, with its sale amount totaling RMB 197 million, increased by RMB 18 million and the growth rate of 9.01% when compared to the previous year. The trading profit amounted to 29.94 million, increased by RMB 2.96 million and growth rate of 11.03% compared to the previous year. Since the company joined HNA Group in August, 2011, Chaoyue has accelerated its development with a new attitude. Facing the future, all employees in Chaoyue will carry forward the united, hardworking, innovative and dedicated enterprise spirit to pursue excellence and seek for new breakthroughs. In this way Chaoyue will further consolidate its No.1 position in the region and truly realize its goal that “Chaoyue is for convenience of people’s life”.