Shaanxi HNA Minsheng Jiale

Majoring in supermarket chain operation, Shaanxi HNA Minsheng Jiale involves shopping malls, comprehensive supermarkets, and community supermarkets, is equipped with two modernized logistics distribution centers, and occupies a total area of 13050 square meters.

Currently, it has more than 3228 employees, over 43 stores, total assets valuing RMB 623 million, RMB 1.09 billion revenue, and a total business area of 145,800 square meters. It has been awarded "Integrity Unit", "Enterprise Valuing Contract and Defending Credit", and "Advanced Unit" for years. Based on Shaanxi, it focuses on tier-2 and tier-3 markets in Shaanxi, gradually builds the sales network in Guanzhong, northern Shaanxi, and southern Shaanxi, and especially accelerate the development of Xi'an market. Since its foundation, it has always adhered to the “Honesty, Kindness, Delicateness, and Purity” service principle, pursued the "Treat People with Sincerity, Convince People with Integrity, and Touch People with Emotions" business concept, practiced the "Doing Something for the Society and Others" enterprise ideal, and set the goal of "Meeting Public Life Needs, Enriching Public Daily Life, and Improving Public Life Quality". In addition, it transfers happiness and joy to every customer over almost 100 stores across the province, in line with the"Serving Minsheng and Happy Shopping" service concept and the "Fresh, Secure, Fair-Price, and Sincere" operation concept.

In the future, it will fully make use of the broad platform of HNA Group, conduct in-depth adjustment, and be innovative and enterprising, in line with the development strategy of "Deeply Plowing Shaanxi, Influencing Surrounding Areas, Going Nationwide, Merger and Acquisition, Combining Enterprise and Finance, Scaling Up, Improving Model, Innovative Development, and Building Brand." In addition, it will facilitate the development of the big business and strongly integrate commercial resources, based on the principle of regional centralized development and "Big Bringing Small" in key areas. Taking "Sublet Model" as the entry point, it will build the "Minsheng Jiale" brand image, realize the transition to "Refinement, Steadiness, Quality, and Goodness" and leap development with a new mechanism, new face, and new development, and become an excellent supermarket chain enterprise in China.