Tianjin International Plaza

Tianjin International Plaza was founded in 1980s. Tianjin International Plaza sprung up unexpectedly in the era of planned economy with its enjoyable foreign trade products, handicraft products and high-grade luxuries, which was a much-told story of Tianjin department stores and consumers then. In 1993, Tianjin International Plaza achieved the sales performance ranking second place among various department stores across the country and became the first listed company of Tianjin general merchandise industry.

By the end of 1990s, the Dushan Road between International Plaza Suite A and Suite B was rebuilt to be an “international flavor street”. Unique stores along the street and streetscape decorations of European continent style attracted fashionable people in those days. Consequently, the plaza became again the fashion focus and historical label of life.

Located at the intersection of the most prosperous Nanjing Road and Binjiang Avenue in Tianjin, Tianjin International Plaza is adjacent to transfer stations of subway Line 3 and line 4, with the century-old Xikai Church behind and opposite to Binjiang Commercial Street. All this together forms the commercial, tourist and cultural hub of Tianjin. International Plaza emphasizes on creating life by the people-oriented concept. There are both domestic and overseas international premium brands stores in the plaza, for instance, NIKE, adidas, Starbucks and COSTA. Uniqlo, ASOBIO, Red Dragonfly and other integrated stores with their diversified and multiple management patterns constitute a shopping mall that integrates complete leisure, catering, entertainment, and cultural facilities into a whole.

Tianjin International Plaza firstly adopts the advanced business model of multi-position management and defines Suite A and B as follows according to the different demands of main customer groups in this plaza: Suite A is the youth boutique area and Suite B the mature boutique area. By virtue of its influence and extensive social resources in Tianjin, the two boutique areas will certainly attract the attention of customer groups maximally while creating the unique business operating pattern in Tianjin.

Besides a variety of department stores as the keynote of Tianjin International Plaza, there are also children's English education institutions, and the objective of such institutions is to cultivate the awareness and loyalty of people of new generations for international market to achieve long-term development. The adult English education institutions are closely linked with the international market and hands-on instruction in the shopping mall is a distinctive feature. The combination of multiple business forms enables Tianjin International Plaza to be Tianjin’s flagship store.

Over the past 30 years since the reform and opening up, Tianjin International Plaza has continually adjusted its self-positioning in face of pattern transformation, and all its employees will unswervingly struggle with adversity according to its development trend. Since Tianjin International Plaza became a member of HNA Group, it has learnt HNA corporate culture and expanded the development road through innovative thinking. As an enterprise member, International Plaza will keep in step with HNA Group and strive to become stronger with stimulating Bohai economy as its target. Tianjin International Plaza will definitely compose a glorious chapter in the new century by taking advantage of the development trend of HNA.

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