Seaview International Plaza

Haikou Seaview International Plaza is located at the most prosperous business center, Haixiu East Road, Haikou City. Founded in 1994, Haikou Seaview International Plaza is the first and only commercial enterprise selected by the Ministry of Commerce as "Jinding Department Store". In 2011, it was among the first batch of designated tax rebate shops for foreign tourists in Hainan. In 2012, it won the title of Hainan’s Top Ten Consumer Goods Enterprise with its total score ranking the first place in Hainan. By 2012, it had realized the annual revenues of RMB 829 million with the asset scale of RMB 1.79 billion and 600 cadres and employees.

With advanced design concept and fresh and elegant style, Haikou Seaview International Plaza is equipped with 14 elevators, 23 cross-layer escalators, 4 luxurious sightseeing elevators, huge outdoor LED display, interactive laser show on the square, piano music steps, care service facilities for special populations as well as a large underground parking lot which can accommodate nearly a thousand automobiles.

In 2012, Haikou Seaview International Plaza resumed its business in all around after its upgrading and reconstruction. With a variety of fashion shopping as its core business concept, it integrated shopping, dining, leisure and other functions into one organic whole and its operating area totaled nearly 70,000 square meters. The double first-floor layout concept was put forward creatively, and many first-line international brands were introduced, such as DUNHILL, GIVENCHY, CERRUTI 1881, PORTS, ARMANI JEANS. Owning 115 exclusive brands in Haikou, Seaview International Plaza is the largest mall with the largest inventory of international high-quality men's boutique brands.

Seaview International Plaza, which is positioned in “international island, multi-element, latest fashion”, has set up Fashion Zone, International Brand Zone, Lady Queen Zone, Gentleman Brands Zone, Activity Leisure Zone, Home Life Zone, Food Plaza, Gold Room and Cyber 3C+.

Mixing with leisurely multi-theme elements while improving female tastes, Fashion Zone houses numerous brands like cosmetics and skin care, wristwatch, lady's footwear and bags to create high-grade fashionable atmosphere for customers. International Brand Zone introduces 26 international brands to highlight the top image of shopping in Hainan from operational level and brand portfolio. Lady Queen Zone, creating the most fashionable shopping center of ladies’ clothes, gathers numerous leading brands at home. Gentleman Brands Zone introduces more fashionable and younger men’s high end brands with its business causal theme. Activity Leisure Zone focuses on creating the most fashionable series of sport and leisure, baby product and lingerie so as to bring healthy life to customers. Home Life Zone composed of appliance, discount store, home life area and supermarkets serves as a home-based life experience zone to create more multi-element home life for customers. Food Plaza creates a food paradise with different flavors of food for customers. Gathering many renowned jewelry brands at home and abroad, Gold Room has been the most centralized gold and jewelry building in Hainan. Cyber 3C+ built by Fox Conn Group offers high-end and fashionable digital life experience for Hainan people.

Seaview International Plaza positions itself as a middle and high-end department store in provincial capital, with its target groups of metropolis elites who are particular about lifestyle and in pursuit of fashion. Dedicated to becoming the fashion pioneer in Haikou City, it offers customers fashionable, high-grade, health, leisure one-stop consumption concept by introducing high-quality products, considerate services, warm and comfortable shopping space.