Xi'an Minsheng Department Store

Xi'an Minsheng Department Store is a large-scale business enterprise group majoring in retailing in Xi'an of Shaanxi province, and a member enterprise of the national large-scale department store league. Founded in 1959, it took the lead in carrying out the shareholding system reform in 1992, in Xi'an, and was officially listed at the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on January 10, 1994. It is one of the earliest commercial listed companies in Xi'an and even the northwest region and also one of the large-scale commercial enterprises with a longest history in Xi'an.

In May 2003, Xi'an Minsheng Department Store was re-constructed with HNA Group under the direct leadership of Xi'an municipal government, which further pushes forward the company's structural reform and makes the company step up on the reform and development progress of further modernization and marketization.

In recent years, Xi'an Minsheng Department Store has developed very fast, with the total assets up to RMB 5.6 billion and the annual sales near RMB 6 billion. It has 13 department stores across central cities in Shaanxi, such as Xi'an, Baoji, Hanzhong, Yan'an, and Ankang, as well as eastern areas of Gansu province, and more than 100 supermarkets covering Shaanxi and eastern Gansu. Among them, Baoji Business and Hanzhong Century Sunshine Store have become leading enterprises in local commercial trade fields, providing almost 20,000 jobs, and become large-scale commercial trade enterprise groups with annual taxes exceeding RMB 200 million. In operations, guided by HNA Group's "Integrity, Achievement, and Innovation" enterprise ideal, Xi'an Minsheng Department Store adheres to the "Treat People with Sincerity, Convince People with Integrity, and Touch People with Emotions" business concept, and regards service as the foundation of the enterprise and source of development. Around the "Eternal Pursuit of Customer Satisfaction" and "Happy Minsheng" new brand concepts, Xi'an Minsheng Department Store continuously innovates modern enterprise development ideas, optimizes management processes, strengthens service awareness, promotes management innovation, reforms management mechanisms, and improves management efficiency. In addition, it regards enterprise culture building, refined management, and service quality improvement as the powerful core of enterprise development, vigorously advocates the "Being Realistic and Pragmatic and Doing by Heart" working style, pays special attention to efficiency improvement, innovates the incentive mechanism, carries out new talent selection, training, and reservation mechanisms, and fully optimizes store operation, management, and service levels.mechanisms, and fully optimizes store operation, management, and service levels. Meanwhile, Xi'an Minsheng Department Store pro-actively promotes the "Simple Work and Happy Life" working idea and builds a harmonious and enterprising working environment full of vigor, cohesion, and combat power. These provide powerful mental strength and core competitiveness for enterprise fast development in new eras, earn good service reputation and honesty gold-lettered signboard again for Xi'an Minsheng Department Store, and improve the company's new brand image and good social image.

In development, Xi'an Minsheng Department Store takes current situations into consideration, conducts careful research, and adheres to the "Multiple-Business Concurrent Development" and "Cross-regional Chain Development" guiding ideologies. By means of asset and capital operation, it simultaneously develops department stores and supermarkets and formulates the "Based on Xi'an, Deeply Plowing Shaanxi, and Going Nationwide" development strategy. Specifically, it balances store layout in Xi'an, distributes stores in key cities of Shaanxi province, and selectively enters markets of other provinces. In addition, it abandons the previous single-store operation model focusing on the Jiefang Road business circle, and aspires to become a large-scale commercial trade enterprise group with chain operation, professional management, simplified industry chains, and branding development.

After decades of accumulation and precipitation, Xi'an Minsheng Department Store has its enterprise image and business reputation widely praised by the public and government and therefore gains a lot of awards. In 2007, it was named "National Advanced Enterprise in Business Services Industry", and also "Meritorious Enterprise of China Business Services Industry in 30 Years of Reform and Opening Up" and "Meritorious Enterprise of Chinese Economic Influence in Glorious 30 Years", in 2008. In 2009, it was awarded "National Advanced Unit in Spiritual Civilization" by the Central Steering Committee for the Building of Spiritual Civilization. In 2010, it successively gained "Industry Brand Unit Boosting Shaanxi County Economic and Social Development", "Shaanxi Benevolent Enterprise", "Meritorious Enterprise in 30 Years of Western Development", "National Advanced Enterprise in Business Services Industry", and "Advanced Unit Boosting Domestic Demand and Ensuring Market Supply in 2010." In 2011, it was awarded "Most Contributory Commercial Brand of Xi'an at the 10th Anniversary of Western Development", "Urban Contribution of Xi'an Commercial Development", and "Good Enterprise Boosting Shaanxi in 2011." In 2012, it was awarded "Patriotic Model Unit Supporting the Army" by the national double-support work leading group, Ministry of Civil Affairs, and PLA General Political Department, and "Advanced Collective of Shaanxi in 2012" by Shaanxi provincial committee and government.