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The Easy Card is the base product of Bohai Easy Life prepaid business and is the registered and unregistered multi-purpose prepaid card issued by Bohai Easy Life for enterprise and public institutions to provide staff welfare and send gifts.

It realizes multiple functions including recharging, consuming, trading, and querying over Bohai Easy Life prepaid card system, Internet payment system, and reception POS trading system. The car holder can enjoy exclusive privileges when consuming in business co-operators across the country. Currently, Bohai Easy Life has established sound cooperative relationships with large-scale merchants including Hainan Airlines, Grand China Express, Suning, Gome, and Joy City, with the total number of merchants more than 10 thousand.

Customers can shop in major domestic online malls, enjoying smooth online and offline consumption. The Easy Card is the core product of the "Wise Travel and Credible Travel" series solution launched by HNA Tourism together with its tourism, finance, and IT companies. The Easy Card integrates multiple services including tickets, accommodation, catering, transportation, entertainment, and shopping in national high-quality tourism destinations. The car holder can enjoy exclusive services, such as convenient one-card on the entire journey, discounts, special interests, and tourist consumption credit guaranty.

The Easy Card features high degree of freedom, rich merchant resources, convenience, effectiveness, and flexibility, and is safe, stable, and reliable. Therefore, it greatly improves people's tourist happiness index, deepens merchants' credit awareness, and improves the service quality of scenic spots. It is a prepaid card product that can truly let holders experience tourist joy, convenience, comfort, and safety. Currently, Easy Card series products have launched Hainan card, Lushan card, Anji card, and Huangshan card. Later on, other tourist card products will be launched in national key tourist attractions, such as Pingyao, Lijiang, and Wuyi Mountain.
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