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Deer Jet was founded in 1995. As the largest business jet company in the Asian-Pacific region, it is the first professional service provider in the area to offer services such as: business jet leasing, private aircraft management, business jet ground handling and maintenance, airborne medical assistance, consultation for the purchase of aircraft, etc. Deer Jet is the founder and leading name in Chinese business aviation. The company is a 'one stop' resource capable of meeting any customer's service demands. Deer Jet provides early aircraft purchase consulting, financial leasing consulting, aircraft management and maintenance, cabin personalization, custom catering, asset insurance, hangar leasing, and aircraft disposal. The company also co-manages China's only Gulfstream MRO, and has several FBOs across China in locations such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong.

Deer Jet boasts the largest fleet of business jets in Asia. Our fleet accounts for 40% of all business jets in China. Deer Jet currently operates 65 aircraft, and is continuously expanding its inventory. Our current airframes include Gulfstream jets, BBJs, ACJs, the very popular Dassault 7x, Dassault 900, and the Bombardier 605. Our wide range of airframes ensures that we can meet the needs of any client.

Deer Jet Achievements

The first and largest professional business aviation company in China.

The first Chinese airline to join America's National Business Aviation Association (NBAA).

The first business jet company to offer aircraft management services in China.

The first company in China to operate large-size Boeing Business Jets (BBJs).

The first company in China to operate the Gulfstream 550 business jet.

The first company in China to operate large-size Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJs).

The first and only company in China to be approved by the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operation (IS-BAO) and receive an ARGUS Platinum Rating.

The first business jet company in China with RNP-AR operation qualifications.

The first business jet company in China approved to operate the Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS).

The first business jet company in the world to operate out of Tibet's Linzhi Airport.

The first business jet company to be recognized as “The Best Business Jet Company in Asia” by Global Traveler, a high-end US travel magazine.

The first company to offer Fractional Ownership in China.

The first Mainland Chinese Operator to exhibit at the NBAA Exhibition- the largest business jet industry exhibition in the world.