Capital Helicopter Co., LTD. (Capital Helicopter for short), belonging to HNA Tourism of HNA Group, was jointly established by HNA Group and Beijing municipal government, under their signed cooperation framework agreement.

Its operation base is Beijing Badaling Airport 80 km away from Beijing and located in 10 km southwest of Yanqing County. It occupies a total area of 330 mu and has a 800 m x30 m runway where Yun-5, Yun-12, early aircrafts with fixed wings, and various helicopters can take off and land. The fleet is comprised of 10 helicopters: 5 AS350B3, 4 EC135, and 1 R22. Capital Helicopter is committed to providing fast, convenient, and high-quality flying services, creating new flying and life spaces for passengers, and changing life by flight.

It also serves nation building, completes service functions by cooperating with the government, satisfies requirements of the public, promotes the fast development of the helicopter industry, and repays the society. Capital Helicopter has all classes of domestic general aviation business certificates: Classes A, B, and C. With CCAR-91 and CCAR-135 operation qualifications, it can conduct various general aviation businesses, helicopter external load operation, and commercial flight transport tasks. With CCAR-145 maintenance qualifications, it can provide third-party managed maintenance services, major repair, and major modifications. In addition, it has CCAR-61 private pilot training qualifications, and has carriage of dangerous goods business qualifications and therefore can conduct aircraft fuel transport business. It can provide services including onshore and offshore helicopter oil services, hanging transportation, port piloting, aerial prospecting, power line patrol, aerial photograph, aerial advertising, meteorological exploration, urban fire control, aerial patrol, aerial forest fire protection, authorized helicopter import and managing services, helicopter sales, and aviation equipment sales. Its high-end services include jet chartering, air marriage, flying club service, and private pilot flying license training while common customer services include air travel and helicopter medical rescue. Capital Helicopter has a professional flying team formed by its own 30 senior pilots with 13 aircraft commanders, one foreign pilot, and 3 women pilots. Up to 8 pilots have more than 4000 flight hours and possess flying qualifications of all mainstream aircraft models. In addition, many pilots have decades of flight experience and training instructor qualifications. Capital Helicopter once completed various difficult flight tasks such as aerial prospecting in Qinghai with an elevation of 5000 meters, oil material hanging transportation, and Qinghai-Tibet power line patrol. Meanwhile, it is capable for various flying work, such as onshore work, aerial medical rescue, and flying over Beijing city.

It has 30 maintenance crew members, among whom maintenance administrative staff have maintenance staff management qualifications and maintenance release staff have maintenance qualifications. Capital Helicopter has become CCAR-145 partial maintenance unit, had the capability to conduct scheduled maintenance for the 600-hour/2-year helicopter body and engine and complete third-party aircraft maintenance and regular checking within the authorized scope.

In addition, Capital Helicopter has 15 flight crew possessing dispatch license and flight control license issued by CAAC. In addition, they have rich aviation flight guarantee experience, are familiar with all related laws and regulations, and are responsible for a series of flight guarantee work, including various plan declaration, weather analysis, operation commanding, dispatch release, and field operation. Contact information

Tel: +86-10-56152000
Fax: +86-10-59472353
24-hour service hotline: 400-666-4388
Address: 7th Floor of Comprehensive Building,HNA Beijing Operation Base,No.3 of Huoyun North Road,Shunyi District,Beijing
Website: www.capitalcopter.com