Aberdeen Tours Inc

Aberdeen Tours Inc. established in 1992 and joining American USTOA in 2002, is an active member of USTOA and deposits one million US dollars for guaranteed responsibility fees. USTOA members are required to adhere to conscientious business morality to maintain high degree of its professionalism, integrity, the best services provided, and strict standards. As an active member of USTOA, Aberdeen Tours must participate in USTOA's one-million passenger association plan to safeguard the benefits of the customers. Aberdeen Tours has international ticket agency contracts combining specific tickets and tourism products, issued by multiple airline companies. It is a comprehensive operation wholesaler providing tickets and tourism products.

The inbound tourism operation center mainly majors in regular tourism, large-scale activity, incentive tourism, business travel, professional training, schooling suspension tourism, and high-end themed tourism. To offer better services for customers, Aberdeen Tours insists on pursuing high brand quality by creating professional, comfortable and enjoyable journey experience for its customers.