Caissa Touristic

Caissa Touristic was founded in 1993, in Hamburg, Germany. Following 20-year steady development, it has set up branches throughout global port cities and core commercial cities, such as London, Paris, Hamburg, Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shanghai. Up to 2011, it has established more than 10 branches worldwide. In addition, it is a member of CATS, BTIA, and PATA. Its business scope includes inbound tourism, domestic tourism, outbound tourism (license number: L-ZY-GJ00085), incentive tourism, and tourism e-business.

Originating from Europe, Caissa Touristic inherits the advanced idea of well-established international tourism market and makes full use of overseas advantages. It has become a unique commercial brand in China in the outbound tourism market, and China's largest comprehensive tourism operator integrating wholesale, retailing, and reception. By virtue of its perfect service system, strict enterprise style, and fashionable brand image, Caissa Touristic has successfully ranked top 100 China's international travel agencies and awarded "Most Influencing Tourism Brand" many times by Shopping Guide.

Up to 2011, Caissa Touristic had been awarded "China's Ten Major Outbound Tourism Wholesalers" for years. In 2008, it was rated by the Beijing Travel Agency Rating Committee as the highest level — 5-star travel agency by relying on its advanced operation model, leading product concept, and high market share. Caissa Touristic has always adhered to the rigor and innovation enterprise concepts.

Caissa Touristic has more than 300 high-end tourism products serving different groups of people and covering almost 100 countries worldwide. Meanwhile, it conducts large themed activities with tourism culture as the core for the public with active attitudes and rich creativity. Specifically, it put forward "Okinawa Super Touring Group with Ten Thousand People" together with Travel Channel, in 2009. In 2011, it launched the "Ten Thousand People Touring in Switzerland" large summer program together with Switzerland Tourism and Swissair SR SWR, and became the initiator and top runner in fashionable tourism life style. Caissa Touristic has deep European background and unique service concept and is honored as "European Tourism Expert." It takes the lead in advocating the new fashionable tourism concept, promotes personalized products, pursues high-quality services, builds comfortable and ideal journeys for people longing for real travel fun.