Core Competence

Coordinating with HNA Group’s overall strategic plan, adhering to business development objectives and following the pace of domestic and international political and economy development, HNA Holding strives to realize the global deployment and operation of its resources through acquisitions and delicate operation.

Supply Chain Operation
Finance Investment
Asset Management
Medical Education

Enterprise Size

350 Billion

2016 revenue of more than RMB 52 billion and assets of more than RMB 350 billion.

4 Listed Companies

Managing 4 listed companies. (HNA Infrastructure SH 600515, Xi’an Minsheng SZ 000564, HNA investment SH 000616, Hong Kong International Construction Investment Management HK 00687).

16 Department Stores

Retail stores: 16 department stores, more than 1 million franchise stores on CCOOP platform, serving consumers in more than 700 cities in around 27 provinces.

Holding property of nearly 1.7 million square meters

Nearly 100 real estate projects; Holding property of nearly 1.7 million square meters; Total under-construction area of 5.64 million square meters; Total saleable area of 1.62 million square meters.

Inactive land of more than 3.28 million square meters

Inactive land of more than 4.8 million square meters; 1 airport industrial parks; 1 reclamation projects; Hainan international tourism Dayingshan CBD planned for more than 3,000 acres

91.1 Billion

17 fund houses with AUM close to RMB 91.1 billion.

Affiliated Enterprises