Core Competence

The focus of HNA Innovation Media & Entertainment is to serve the development of mass media and entertainment industry, based on the construction of a new media platform, content areas, and channels.

Media industry: HNA Group’s goal is to coordinate media resources with global marketing and development, to create a domestically leading, internationally renowned financial media news group. We aim to speed up the digital transformation of the “lifestyle type” media, strengthen the related activities among related industries within the Group, and explore a new profit model in the age of mobile internet.
Entertainment industry: We aim to develop an integrated entertainment ecosystem that covers industries including film, theatre, performance, sports, and innovative arts. We are exploring the possible value-add of virtual economy based on the enormous off-line resources of the broader parent company, in order to build a world-class entertainment group.
Traditional and Modern Media
Business Tourism Channel Operation
Sales & Marketing PR
Film & Television
Performing Arts
Culture & Creative

Enterprise Size

1.541Billion Annual Revenue

6.351Billion Total Assets

7Member Companies


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