HNA Group Hosts "DNA of HNA" Book Event in Paris

HNA Group | 2017-07-03

PARIS, July 3, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- HNA Group, a global Fortune 500 company focused on tourism, logistics, and financial services, today announced that it hosted a number of leading academics and international relations specialists in a symposium on the recently published book, "DNA of HNA," by Hong Jun, on June 30 at L 'Hotel d' Evreux in Paris, France.  Consistent with the central themes of the book, the discussion focused on the origins of HNA Group's success story, the company's unique corporate culture, and the fusion of Eastern and Western cultures in the modern era.




Speakers at the symposium shared their own perspectives and insights on commonalities between Eastern and Western cultures and the importance of cultural integration alongside financial and economic globalization.  Participants included Professor Guo Yicai from Imperial College London; Professor Yuri Pines from Jerusalem Hebrew University; Associate Professor Zhang Xing from Peking University; renowned sinologist Jacques Pimpaneu; Renaud De Spens, former press officer to the French Embassy in China; Cyrille Javary, Director of the I Ching Paris Research Centre; and Gerard Hua, Director of the French China Foundation.  HNA Group Vice Chairman Lu Ying, HNA Group Deputy Chief Executive Officer Zhang Ling, HNA Group Chief Operating Officer and Head of Human Resources Gao Jian, and Miao Weisheng from the HNA Economic Research Institute also participated in the event, which was held as part of HNA Paris International Week, a week-long series of events hosted by HNA Group to celebrate its global platform.



HNA Group's Vice Chairman Lu Ying said, "HNA Group's Paris International Week has been about celebrating our global achievements and encouraging a dialogue between Eastern and Western cultures, and a discussion of the 'DNA of HNA' was a fitting way to help bring the week to a close.  We were pleased to host renowned academics and representatives from France and China to explore not only HNA Group's evolution but also the profound ways in which Eastern and Western societies are integrating and cooperating in order to produce a more harmonious global society."


"DNA of HNA" was originally published in China on 18th May 2017 by Zhonghua Book Company and will be distributed globally in seven languages.  HNA Group plans to hold additional symposia and panel discussions in other locations later this year.